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Piaf On The Pier: Andrew Farr at PierFest

Andrew Farr is absolutely amazing. A lifelong passion for the songs of Edith Piaf has led to this two hour tribute to the diminutive French chanteuse. Andrew is witty, sad, emotional and provides an enormously glorious theatrical experience…an amusing and informative narrative punctuated by full throated renditions of some of her best-loved songs. This is no rose-tinted impersonation. His Piaf is fragile, sometimes anguished, often tearful and clearly in mental and physical pain. But the voice – oh the voice is there. Song after song are heartwarming and brilliantly put across. Beg, borrow or steal to get a ticket…it’s probably the most uplifting time you will have…

Brian Butler, G Scene Magazine, May 2019

Fringe THEATRE REVIEW: Edith Piaf Live at Nimegue @Rialto Theatre

Andrew Farr has created an excellent entertainment about his hero Edith Piaf, part story and part song. He tells of her life, her harsh upbringing in brothels, her contortionist father, abandoning mother and then her discovery by her first mentor and manager. But it is as much about Farr’s relationship with Piaf as it is about her own relationships, although he does of course tell of her insatiable sexual appetites and has penned some excellently funny lines with which to describe her lusts. Farr is a devotee, a super fan, but he is also a great singer and one who has studied her tone and the nuances of her performing style and he can certainly deliver them.

Andrew Kay, Latest Brighton.
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His narration is interspersed with his powerful singing. After the interval Farr surpasses himself as he takes to the stage dressed as Piaf – black dress, untidy wig and make-up including those pencilled eyebrows. From then on he is Piaf performing her last televised concert in Nimegue, Holland. The frail, arthritic, stooping figure is realised perfectly complete with trademark stance and gestures. While there is fragility in the body there is strength in her voice as she thunders out Piaf’s classic numbers – Milord, L’Accordeoniste, La Foule and, of course, climaxing with Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien and La Vie en Rose which has the audience joining in.

Barrie Jerram, The Argus
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The first half of the play is witty, laugh out loud and insightful…in the second act Farr achieved the real feat of becoming both Piaf and her iconic, incredible life-filled songs. There is a huge amount of generosity, love, laughs and talent in this show. A bloke from Stoke can more than ably play the little sparrow from Paree!

Angi Mariani,

Au debut du spectacle, je n’etais pas certain si j’allais aimer ou pas cet homme en costume blue avec une cravate rouge qui parlait de la Mome Piaf, de ses histoires vraies ou non. Puis la magie a opere, les moments racontes avec les chansons etaient empruntes a d’emouvants souvenirs. Des chansons en francais et en anglais, les commentaires en anglais (l’audience etait angalise). Apres l’entracte, la deuxieme partie etait avec une Edith piaf qui est Presque parue sur scene, l’homme en costume s’etait transforme en Piaf. Toutes les chansons en Francais. La voix n’etait pas celle d’Edith Piaf, mais la presence incroyable avait une touche de magie! Edith Piaf live at Nimegue, oui, j’ai adore!

At the beginning of the show, I wasn’t sure if I was going to love or not this man in a blue suit with a red tie who was talking about La Mome Piaf, her life, her stories, true or not. Then the magic happened, the moments told with the songs were borrowed from touching memories. Songs in French and English, the comments in English ( the audience was English). After the interval, the second act was with an Edith Piaf who almost appeared on stage, the man in the suit had turned into Piaf. All the songs in French. The voice was not that of Piaf, but the amazing presence had a touch of magic. ‘Edith Piaf live at Nimegue’, yes, I loved it!

Michto Rex, BRightON Festival, March 2019

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